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Taffurelli Primo

The company "Taffurelli Primo" was created a quarter century ago as a small metallic carpentry shop. Then it dove into one of the largest agricultural areas of Europe, the Po Valley, and its founder's spirit towards constant improvement and innovation led it to become an artisan workshop that now holds a dominant position in the Italian market and abroad.

The first step was to enter the livestock sector with varied and flexible productions, geared to meet any customer need. The initial productions ranged from more traditional boilers for heating of liquids, up to machinery specially made for individual customers.

Over the years, however, its production has become increasingly oriented towards animal husbandry, agriculture and carpentry. Machinery for mixing changed, more and more matching the requests of veal and pig farmers; boilers for water heating have adapted in shape and size to become part of fully automated feeding systems.

The word "automation" finally opened up new horizons for the "Taffurelli" company. The idea to automate and computerise the entire milk preparation and distribution system for feeding veal calves had already been stirring in the market for some time, but we got the "upper hand" with our completely internal electrical and electronics production.

And so, at the beginning of the third millennium, the company "Taffurelli Primo" presented itself to the market with its own production that ranges from computerised milk processing and distribution plants to stainless steel boxes for calves, based on its knowledge and skills gained in over twenty years of experience with on stainless steel.

But our productions certainly don's top there: stainless steel pumps, automated systems for feeding pigs, screw conveyors, and more, all complemented by electronic equipment of our production and managed by high-precision software made directly within the "Taffurelli" company.

As confirmation of the strong position the company has taken, the welding and production workshops and administrative staff have all been expanded, as well as the establishment of profitable business relationships with commercial entities all over Europe.

Since 2008, Taffurelli Primo has embarked on a new type of processing that flanks its usual production. Thus began a new reality with carbon steel processing for structures and cutting, bending sheet metal for third parties with the replacement and expansion of its fleet of CNC machines.

Its final goal reached, but certainly not the least important, the company gained ISO9001 and 3834 certification and quality certificate n ° 2561/13 for its metals transformation centre system CTM and the confirmation of such from the Central Technical Service Board of Public Works.

Since January 2015, we have also been able to affix the CE mark to our Structural products because we are certified according to normative EN1090 EXC 3


Taffurelli Primo

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